Thumbkandi Icon Messenger Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Thumbkandi - The Sweet Art Of Texting - Brooklyn Icon Collection

STICKI - Free Animated Drawing Communication App

STICKI is the world's first FREE animated drawing communication app. Chat and send messages with stickers, photos and drawings everywhere you go.

WIP Back to School Webinar: How to Make Your Android App Rock-n- Roll with Haptics

How can you make your app stand out? Want users coming back for more? Make your application come to life with haptic feedback! Haptic (or touch) feedback ...

Sega Sonic CD with Immersion Haptics

Immersion HD Integrator @ MWC12

Create Your Own Maaii Collections On Maaii Store!

Download more. Share More. Play more. Spice up your chat with stickers and animations. Download more stickers, audio effects, and animations from our new ...

HeartSplat Demo Video

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